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Benefits of Adding Eggshells to Your Garden

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Eggs for breakfast, why not? I know I eat them every morning and I used to throw the shells away until I discovered the reaping benefits they possess for my garden! After all, they are comprised of 96% calcium!

Did you know? Eggshells are great for...

1. Fertilizing

Since eggshells are made up of 96% calcium it’s no surprise that they are would be great for fertilizing. No need to grind them up or sterilize them, they decompose quickly and are easy to add to your compost. Simply toss the shells in a pile or place in a barrel and turn them under.

Winter is an excellent time to scatter eggshells over your garden. Once the soil warms up you can easily till the shells into the soil. If snow occurs simply store the eggshells in a clean container until Spring arrives.

Calcium is a secondary nutrient for plants they will certainly appreciate the added minerals and provide egg-cellent growth and performance! Tomatoes and peppers are prone to calcium deficiency so be sure to add them to your vegetable garden as well!

2. Pest Deterrent

Eggshells are also a great way to repel unwanted guests in the garden. Sprinkle eggshells in your flowerbed to keep slugs and snails away. The sharp edges of the shells will deter them away by abrading the sensitive foot of any land mollusc that attempts to cross the barrier.

3. Feed the Birds

Before and after laying eggs, the mother bird needs more calcium in her diet. First, you must sterilize your eggshells by baking them at 250 F/ 120 C for about 10 minutes or until eggshells are dry, but not brown on the outside. Crumble them up, place them in a bird feeder or sprinkle on the ground during the spring and summer months. You can also mix them into your bird seed as well. The Mama bird will surely thank you!

4. Repel Deer

Have a problem with deer munching on your beautiful plants? Sprinkle eggshells in your flowerbed, deer hate the smell of albumin and will tend to stay away. Just keep an eye out so other rodents don’t come around.

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